The Bioinformatics team provides advice on experimental design and analysis planning at all stages of an experiment. Working with the experimentalist(s) alongside Genomics and Proteomics facilities at early stages in the design allow for the Bioinformatics core to assist in the construction of appropriate experimental designs and to ensure the desired power may be achieved.

In addition, the team has a large pool of experience for supporting the initial data processing and QC to complex analysis and eventually publication. We have analysed more than 1000 high throughput sequencing datasets (including ChIP-seq, ChIP-exo, RNA-seq, MNase-seq, shRNA-seq and BS-seq, etc.) and have contributed to many peer-reviews pubications from the LMS. Our analysis can range from short and simple to very complex analysis that need new methods/software to be developed. We have contributed in developing multiple software in the past and are interested in the below areas for method development and application:

If you would like to consult on the design or required power of upcoming or present experiments, Please let us know.

Interface of VisRseq, our visual analytics software, for interactive analysis of genomics data.